Data Services

Our Data services help you reduce the unnecessary data reorganization costs by stocking up your crucial data at one place to facilitate a timely backup of your vital data when the need arises. We store the data in an encrypted form to ensure your privacy and we keep testing it for data integrity time to time. Our powerful data recovery services let you restore your data within a few hours!

IT Services

The way businesses work has evolved a lot in the recent years. Earlier it was a common practice for manufacturers of technical devices to outsource their tech support to other companies. Now, with time, many business owners have realized that they can focus better on their goals and objectives if they outsource their complete IT department to an IT and Tech Support Service Provider. Our avant-garde IT solutions improve customer satisfaction and boost the performance of an organization.

Managed Protection

Managed services from Snap Networking offer you more dependable performance and better predictability of your operating costs. So, you will obtain more worth of the technology that you have previously invested in, and trim down the total expenses of IT problems and the consequential downtime.

Hosted Solutions

We are here to share your burden of handling the technology and issues that rise while working with computers. We realize how important it is for your operations department to run smoothly to ascertain maximum output. Snap Networking provides Hosted Solutions for all of your IT needs: Operating Systems (OS), server, network, storage, database and virtualization.

We also offer dedicated data hosting services in our data centers. We provide personalized solutions that fit your financial plans and accomplish all your requirements.


We also present the best-suited and dependable VoIP services for enterprises. Whether you are an owner of a startup or an established entrepreneur, our VoIP service offers amazing performance at affordable prices. All you need is a computer and a high speed internet connection, and our VoIP service will keep your business communications consistent and uninterrupted.